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  • The Klinika Pięknego Uśmiechu of dr Marzena Pucek has been active since 2005 and it is a pioneer on the dentistry market. We are aware that The Beautiful Smile is not just an empty slogan but a purpose of professional dentistry. A beautiful smile is the entirety of stomatologic procedures, from the conservative dentistry, through orthodontics, surgery, periodontics up until the moment when our team of doctors achieve a desirable effect.

  • A smile is our business card in everyday lives, that is why our aspirations for perfection and high satisfaction of our patients are fully understandable. Since the very beginning, our mission has been to reach a large group of patients and to offer them The Beautiful Smile (Piękny Uśmiech). How can it be achieved? Starting with consulting visits in our clinic, where you can get to know our office, doctors and explain your expectations.

  • We incorporate professionalism, safety, efficiency and a nice, familial atmosphere. The high-tech medical and diagnostic equipment that we have in our office definitively enhances the quality of our service – we are one of the best equipped institutions in Lublin. Our rich diagnostic infrastructure gives our doctors possibility to diagnose the problem precisely.

  • We have, among others, the equipment to preform X-ray diagnostics, lasers, microscopes and intraoral cameras. Every office is equipped in a computer which significantly supports the imaging and the healing process. Individual offices in our clinic are adjusted to certain procedures. The units where doctors work with patients are adjusted to a ‘’four hands’’ work system (doctor and assistant) which significantly abbreviates the time of the procedure.

  • Every one of them is additionally equipped in monitor on which the doctor has an opportunity to present an X-ray or the vision from the intraoral camera to the patient.

    In our offer, we have innovative orthodontic systems, such as lingual braces (incognito) – invisible, aesthetic, and above all, individually designed for each patient.

  • The porcelain aesthetic braces are also very popular, as well as highly innovative method of treatment with clear overlays (ClearAligner).

    From the field of the conservative dentistry, the procedure of dental bleaching with laser, done in one sitting, has been boomed. We also perform very complicated endodontic procedures. We own three microscopes so our doctors can deal with even the hardest cases.


  • We collaborate with the best technical workshops which enables us to make crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers perfectly. The comfortable dentures on microimplants have got a special appreciation among our patients. Skilled surgeons, who work in our Clinic, perform painless retained teeth extractions, as well as they also care about engrafting implants.

  • Among the variety of procedures, you can also find procedures of covering the gum recessions, grafting of the mucous membrane and guide tissue regeneration (GTR).

    Currently, we see that there is a large need for periodontic procedures. We try to accomodate our patients and thus we offer the microbiological PET tests, diagnostics and the paradentium treatment with the usage of PerioSonda and the Vector System.

  • We cannot forget about a 3D X-Ray technology that we have in our Clinic. An X-ray office is equipped in the newest high-tech equipment. Not only we have that opportunity to perform dental panoramic, cephalometric and 3D radiographs (CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography), but also the radiation dose is minimize to the lowest level, without losing the quality of the procedure.

  • Furthermore, at our Clinic we own two apparatuses to make punctual photos of certain teeth. That solution lets decrease the level of radiation because the doctor in order to diagnose correctly needs an image of a specific area of the patient’s oral cavity.

    A need and an answer, going hand in hand for years, let to create a place worth of trust, progressive, innovative, based on the knowledge of the wisely selected cadre of specialists, ready to make a contact with a patient.

  • The huge success of the Clinic was assured by drawing an inspiration from the achievements of the American precursors and observing the abroad markets. The whole equipment and all services let us go beyond the country barriers and to offer more and better.

  • The Klinika Pięknego Uśmiechu, thanks to the group of specialists from all fields of dentistry, will make all dreams come true – even those the most demanding ones. The Beautiful Smile is now within the reach of your hand, and because of our Clinic you can enjoy that for years and years to come.

    You are welcome to acquaint yourself with our offer.

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