If you dream of a filmstar-like smile that would cause people to be unable to stop staring at you… or if you have more humble desires… like smiling without embarrassment, orthodontics is a field of stomatology that would interest you the most.

Orthodontics is a field of stomatology that deals with the prophylaxis and treatment of malocclusion. An orthodontist is a specialist who will determine the problem of your occlusion and suggest the right approach of treatment. With his help you will choose braces that will fit you.

In the offer of KlinikaPięknegoUśmiechy we have the following braces:

  • movable braces – it is recommended for children aged between four and twelve years old. It is used during growing up and during replacing the primary teeth with the permanent teeth. These braces are built with an acrilic plaque, a steel arc and a retainer. The whole thing fits accurately to the patient’s teeth in order to control it precisely. It is not attached permanently so it can be removed anytime.
  • permanent braces – recommended for youth and adults in order to cerrect the permanent dentition. It enables to reduce more complicated defects. These braces are composed with rings and locks that are carefully attached to the enamel with a special glue. There is a wire attached to that in order to cause a proper pressure on teeth. The length of a treatment depends on the patient’s malocclusion.

In Klinika Pięknego Uśmiechu we offer:

  • Metal permanent braces
  • Aesthetic permanent braces
  • Lingual permanent braces
  • Retentive braces – used in order to maintain the effect received from the treatment with permanent braces. It has a protective and a supporting function.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, orthodontics went through a series of improvements. The fact that patients decide to undergo the treatment because they want to, not because they have to, is very consoling. It is caused by improving tools used during the treatment and changing the looks of braces.

In our clinic we adjust the braces to the patient’s age, character and expectations towards the treatment.
We have braces with colourful elements (which are very popular among younger patients) for kids. For adults who do not want their braces to be visible, we suggest special aesthetic or lingual braces, practically invisible. In addition, it has to be emphasised that nowadays braces are said to be a prestigeous element of appearance, very often treated like jewellery.

In KlinikaPięknegoUśmiechu our consultations are free so you can be able to decide on your treatment in full awareness.


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